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Hello, I’m Mahmoud Baghagho, owner and CEO of Metrics, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in New York. Founded by Begha over many cups of tea at her kitchen table in 2009, our brand promise is simple: to provide powerful digital marketing solutions to small and medium businesses that are looking to build success online.

What I do?

Produce a quality marketing application to make it easier for agencies to run their business and provide reports to their clients.

Why I do it!

Passion and love for developing. We are obsess over every detail. From making the user interface easy to providing the latest marketing data.

[cms_casestudy_slider][cms_casestudy subtitle_pos=”top” collapse=”vc_col-lg-6″ images=”85,84,83″ img_size=”medium” featuredimg_image=”89″ featuredimg_img_size=”full” title=”MOUNT WEBSITE CASE STUDY” subtitle=”Follow Our Process” link=”url:%23|title:See%20Full%20Case%20Study|”]Once in a while, you’re given an opportunity at something that truly compels you; Something that gets your gears revolving at max speed; Something that sends a jolt of energy through you so strong that everyone around you feels it and catches the vibe; Something that seizes your creativity and elevates it to a degree you may had only previously daydreamed about.

Okay, so we get pretty geeked up about this web design thing, but why wouldn’t we? When an opportunity like a new business comes strolling through your door with a vision, a dream …[/cms_casestudy][cms_casestudy subtitle_pos=”top” collapse=”vc_col-lg-6″ images=”85,84,83″ img_size=”medium” featuredimg_image=”88″ featuredimg_img_size=”full” title=”HELMETS WEBSITE CASE STUDY” subtitle=”Art of the architect” link=”url:%23|title:See%20Full%20Case%20Study|”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce risus justo, sagittis sit amet efficitur laoreet, dictum vitae erat. Donec nibh lectus, imperdiet lobortis dapibus eu, consectetur sit amet dolor. Nam finibus sollicitudin metus, maximus lacinia neque. Ut vestibulum eleifend tellus sit amet egestas. Nam pharetra, risus vitae rhoncus feugiat, felis diam cursus nunc.

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As you’ve probably noticed, many of us Internet marketing companies are all doing generally the same thing. And that’s largely true.

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[cms_testimonial_carousel items=”2″ items_tablet=”1″ items_desktop_small=”2″ items_desktop=”3″ built_in_class=”testimonial-carousel-img-small-left”][cms_testimonial title=”Mahmoud Baghagho” role=”Art Director” testimonial=”In my job as social media strategist, I’ve tried every analytics product on the market and when I came across Metrics, I was blown away! ” img_image=”47″][cms_testimonial title=”Fouad Badawy” role=”CEO” testimonial=”The ability to generate reports that tell more about a website than a prospect knows is the key to building business using Metrics.” img_image=”45″][cms_testimonial title=”Mostafa Mabrouk” role=”Web Developer” testimonial=”Metrics is one of the most impressive social media software efforts I’ve ever seen. From the intuitive interface to the powerful tools.” img_image=”49″][cms_testimonial title=”Mahmoud Baghagho” role=”Art Director” testimonial=”In my job as social media strategist, I’ve tried every analytics product on the market and when I came across Metrics, I was blown away! ” img_image=”47″][/cms_testimonial_carousel]
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